Installing a Decal

How to install HoundPilot Decal

Note: Handle decal carefully trying not to bend it creating a crease. Also try not to touch the sticky side of the decal once you peel back the paper.

  1. Clean the surface with glass cleaner and paper towels. (Preferably the surface should be 50-90 degrees F. If adhering to a car, don’t do it when the metal is really hot from direct sunlight). The surface MUST BE clean and dry.Screenshot 2018-03-07 09.02.38
  2. Peel the backing off the decal carefully, at an angle, being careful that the decal does not come with the backing. If it starts to do so stop and peel off backing at another angle.Screenshot 2018-03-07 09.14.22.png
  3.  Place one end of the decal barely on the installation surface being careful that it is straight.
  4. Use a plastic card such as a credit card to press the decal onto the surface working smoothly from the edge you just placed down.card
  5. After the decal is in place use the plastic card to scape over the entire decal in all directions with medium pressure. Ensure you work over the entire decal in all directions, especially outwards to the very edges.
  6. Peel back the mounting paper very slowly at a steep angle from one side to the other. Watch to ensure the decal is not pulling away. (If it is lay the paper back down, go over it with the plastic card, and peel from a different angle).PRA_0901
  7. Enjoy your decal.