Teaser ……

September 17, 2016

This morning I flew my solo cross country (XC). I will compile the video this week and get it posted by mid week.

Night Flying

September 12, 2016

My first night flight, wow what an experience. My CFI and I went over some night flying basics in the classroom such as night vision, illusions, emergencies, and differences in how you must go about approach and landing.

3rd cross country (XC) with diversion.  9/9/16 

September 10, 2016

In my prior two XCs I had become comfortable with flying a heading and altitude for each leg of the flight, keeping track of my time for each leg, orientating my aeronautical chart and knowing where I am at all times.

Math Skills and GPS Coordinates 

September 4, 2016

Ok so my math skills leave something to be desired; in flight training ground school I did more math than I had since college and that was long enough ago that it made my head hurt.

Crosswind Landing Practice

September 4, 2016

I love being the 1st one at the hanger in the morning; its so peaceful waking up the planes and opening the hanger door as the morning rays of sun cut through the darkness and glisten off the shining wings.

1st Solo Flight! (July 21st, 2016)

September 1, 2016

Your 1st Solo flight is a huge deal in flying. It’s that first time where your flight instructor deems you competent to take the controls and fly an expensive airplane all by yourself.

Bay Bridge Lost in Haze

August 31, 2016

Cross country flight training today. Westminster Md KDMW to Easton Md KESN 72 nautical miles each way at 2300 to 2900 ft MSL.

Google Earth Flight Briefing

August 31, 2016

So I received my second Cross Country assignment the other day and realized I leave for a work trip tomorrow until the night before the trip.