Stink, Stank, and Stunk

Stink, Stank, and Stunk

Dr. Seuss’s Sinful Sots (Stink, Stank, and Stunk) were found as strays in rural Georgia and dropped at a shelter. An ABTCR volunteer springing a hound from there a few weeks ago saw these three beauties and knew they needed help. Shelter life was short-lived for the Sots as a foster stepped up to help them. After vetting and socialization, HoundPilot was asked to help transport these stinkers. With a weather front approaching, the trip was pushed forward a day, but everyone pitched in to make it happen. Stank was picked up shortly after landing in Westminster, MD. Stink and Stunk are overnighting at HoundPilot’s home. PUPPY BREATH and nibbles – resident ABTCR alum Bella is NOT amused…. Buddy is thrilled!


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