Annual is DONE!

As I continue working on learning a professional level video editor: FCPx. I edited the return leg of the last flight video I posted. Again I used my original design camera mount and flew a few approaches in actual conditions. This gave me some good video footage to work with while learning the software and helps keep my instrument flying skills fresh.

I have learned so much editing these flights. I need to extend my one camera mount and I altered my custom cable to include audio/power cables for all three cameras so that FCPx can use the audio to sync the footage. I also am working on a little better angle for the cockpit camera and need to work on tweaking the settings on the camera capturing the panel so that the auto settings do not change and allow the map to get washed out and the screens to seem to flicker (they do not in real life). Also I continue to refine my editing skills, I need to refine my technique: such as trying not to illustrate every last button push and being able to smoothly animate the aircraft path on charts/plates. So hopefully as I do these videos you will see a progression of skill.

Again, I want to post videos/pictures of nothing but dogs; however, I need to pay for the airplane and have to follow all the FAA Regulations. Therefore, I can’t just take money for the operation of the plane. These videos help me get flight instruction work, thus pay, thus I can afford to put gas in the aircraft.

That said the aircraft is finally back to from the Annual: a required inspection where they basically disassemble the aircraft and check every last nut and bolt, fix every last issue to an incredibly high tolerance. It was gone for the last 5 weeks partially aided by snow storms and slow shipping due to or blamed on COVID. We are glad to have it back and look for the next hound to transport that has found themselves in need and where it makes sense to transport via aircraft due to the circumstances.

Thanks for watching.

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