Learning and Sharing

The airplane is in Annual Inspection and going fairly well, some repairs and parts are ongoing but we are hopeful it will not drag on. So in the meantime I work on ideas to help my instrument rating students. Flight Instructing is one way I earn money to finance HoundPilot and help hounds in need.

If I can learn to edit videos well enough I’m hoping to be able to create some content that students will find valuable and result in more work even though flight training has slowed down for me during the COVID Pandemic.

In my Winter Weather post, I began the learning process moving from the entry level iMovie editor to professional level software such as FCPx. I used the footage from my newly self designed camera mount and flew a couple instrument approaches in actual conditions.

Enjoy the pictures and video.

This video is the result of several days learning different techniques and affects. The title screens are only displayed for a couple seconds giving those interested enough time to pause the video and read them while at the same time allowing others to enjoy the flight.


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