Winter Weather

Things on the flying front have been slow with winter weather moving through; however it is late January so not entirely unexpected….

It also seems that the transport requests have been slow with everyone taking precautions with COVID19; though I assure you the airports are open and we are ready and able to go help hounds when called.

In fact we had a cross country rescue flight scheduled for this week from Md to Ky to upstate NY and back to Md. It was an expecting mother and another hound. Unfortunately at the last vet appointment the mom appeared to be within a week of giving birth so the decision was made to wait. Mom and pups are still safe and a new plan will be devised.

I am though making good use of my time. Over the past 5 years I have been training, obtaining my pilot certificates and ratings and working as a flight instructor. This has consumed my every moment to the exclusion of all other tasks to include required lawn/house care and Do Lists. So with the slowdown from Covid19 and not having to study every waking moment I decided to learn something I have always wanted to try; video editing.

I have slowly obtained a few GoPro cameras and experimented with capturing flight footage, not as easy as it looks to get really good video at the correct angle and everything without causing distraction. I have no movie videography experience. I finally think I’ve got a setup that is working and is safe for use while flying so on a recent trip I recorded both legs from taxi to shutdown and am using the footage from 3 camera angles to learn FCPx (Final Cut Pro) a professional level video editing software. The learning curve is steep though easier as the interface is similar to iMovie just 1000 time more complex.

I will be able to use what I learn to make hound rescue video and educational videos for both the hound rescue and educational aspect of HoundPilot. I’m excited to be able to create videos with such software as it will allow me to do a lot of projects that I have ideas for that wasn’t possible with basic software like iMovie or other applications.

Meantime the airplane goes into Annual Inspection this week so it will be down for 2 weeks, hopefully no more unless they find something major wrong with it.

In the meantime I will be working on these other projects and pushing forward!

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