New Pilot helping HoundPilot

Helping hounds in need shouldn’t be so difficult but we have to do it without running afoul of any regulations. We also want to be good stewards of our donor’s money and to scale up our efforts so they make sense. This has been difficult but rewarding. One way we hope to do this is through pilots like Jeff and Chris. Jeff is a new private pilot that bought a great aircraft so that he can continue his training with an instrument rating and then a commercial pilot certificate. So as a flight instructor I am able to help Jeff out with discounted flight training in exchange for his helping out HoundPilot to transport hounds in need while accomplishing the requirements of his advanced training. As another example Chis is a young recent college graduate who at his young age has already worked through hundreds of hours of flight training to become a flight instructor with hopes of becoming a corporate or airline pilot. He has helped HoundPilot on several occasions to build time by flying hounds in need. Through pilots like these we are building a network to help hounds For example stay tuned for the beautiful hound we will be flying in a few days to her forever home just in time for Christmas!

To see the Gallery of Jeff’s ferry flight go here.

Chris on some past work he has done for HoundPilot

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