Ready for winter?

Things have been slow for everyone with the pandemic and all. We have had little opportunities to do face to face work and everyone has been trying to figure things out. We have been working behind the scenes on projects and ready to do whatever the Hound nation needs. With that in mind I share a few pics of our inspiration: Buddy the 3 leg hound we provided a rescue flight and fostering for that never left. He has constantly reminded us that you have no limits no mater what you think you are missing.


We are also preparing for winter transport flights. Winter flights can be challenging but provide a much needed lifeline for a hound in poor health that needs treatment or for whom a long car transport would be detrimental to their recovery. We put together this heater switch to get the aircraft ready when needed.

If you are wondering what an aircraft Pre-Heater is there are some great short videos on YouTube: YouTube Videos the one from Johnson Aviation, “Tanis Engine Heater Install” Oct 29, 2020 is great and also the ones from the manufacture TANIS. See the Gallery for more photos.

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