It never ceases to amaze me what dedicated people can and will do to save a dog! Jolene did not have the easiest life – she came into rescue underweight and very skittish. But American Black and Tan Coonhound rescue saw the bloodhound she was going to be and brought her into rescue. First time fosters stepped up and cared for her in Virginia and a wonderful family got their forever dog today in Tennessee with the the help of HoundPilot. When ABTCR asked us to help there was no hesitation- YES! HoundPilot flew Jolene (now known as Penelope Scout) to Maryland last night to overnight with our two resident hounds. A new pilot helped a HoundPilot with this flight. After a good nights rest, HoundPilot and Superfan @christopher_coward Took Penny the rest of the way, from Maryland to her grateful family in Chattanooga, TN. Another happy ending for a worthwhile and lovable hound.

Jolene’s Photo Gallery.

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