HoundExpress aka SR22TN

We purchased our Cirrus SR22TN in March and had to do some upgrades to the avionics. At the time I was working on my advanced rating, adding my instrument rating to my flight instructor certificate. I was about to take the practical test but decided to get some time in the new plane and additional training in my own plane and then take the test in it. Finally near the end of May I passed my practical and obtained my CFII (Flight Instructor Instrument) certificate. We then went on our summer vacation and upon return I was informed that the school would be selling their multi-engine training aircraft and no longer doing multi-engine training. Though I wasn’t going to think about pursuing that certificate for a year or two I decided with my employee and club discounts that if I didn’t do it now I might not get back around to it. Therefore it was back to the books and flight training for another couple weeks and by the end of July I obtained my instrument rated commercial multi-engine certificate. So here is hoping that I can get back to instructing and put that CFII certificate to use!

Throughout this time we have continued our mission at HoundPilot. Check out our entire Blog and Photos/Video Pages.

The aircraft was in good shape when we purchased though as I mentioned I did have to ferry it from Ohio to Pennsylvania for an avionics upgrade that took 3 weeks and then over to update the landing and wingtip lights to LED. I then flew it for my CFII Training, a WI fishing trip, and summer vacation trip along with some flying with my airplane partner. It also took us 4 months to get a hangar at the local airport so it sat outside for awhile. All this meant that it was very dirty!

Keeping an aircraft clean is considered good aviation and important for a variety of reasons. When detailing an aircraft you get eyes on every inch of it and thus are aware of anything amiss. For instance I noticed the landing light bracket has bolt missing that I will now have repaired. Also aircraft finishes are expensive so it is prudent to keep them well protected since they protect the underlying air-frame. Plus a shiny airplane just looks better and faster, maybe it is? If nothing else the hounds we transport and the young people we introduce to aviation will see an aircraft that has been taken care of as an example to dutiful ownership; it’s just the way we do things and HoundPilot.

We are excited to continue on with our mission in an exceptionally clean aircraft!

Check out more photos and videos of the detailing and hard work over multiple sessions covering 12 hours. Also a nifty DIY creeper project.







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