Lando 2 – PUPDATE!!!!!


When I heard that Lando had been adopted I couldn’t help but offer to get him to his forever home. We had picked him up from the shelter a month earlier and transported him to a foster, now he was going to his furever home!

Tropical Storm Fay threatened the flight but after careful planning we decided it was doable; if nothing else Lando would get to his new home and we would spend a  night in New Hampshire. I asked a friend to come along to help with the piloting duties and everything worked out great.

Less than three weeks ago, sweet Lando was rescued  from a rural VA shelter after being there almost a year.  ABTCR stepped in to save Lando and a wonderful foster in Allentown gave him a soft place to shake off the shelter funk. “He really has a zest for life that wasn’t quelled by his past experiences,” foster mom Alaina said.  Within two weeks, Sally in New Hampshire wanted to give Lando his forever home 😊 Now to get him there….. HoundPilot stepped in to save Lando from a multi leg car relay of 300+ miles.  A group of ABTCR volunteers were ready to make to make drive, but HoundPilot had to see this one through.  The trio (which includes a HoundPilot Superfan and pilot @christopher_coward) dodged a tropical storm and left at dawn to help make Lando’s ending a happy one.

Sweet life good boy 🐾❤️🐾❤️😊. #houndpilot #rescuedogsofinstagram #abtcr #americanblackandtancoonhoundrescue #coonhoundlove #adoptdontshop  @hopsnhoundsfarm  @ Manchester, New Hampshire

Lando 2 Flight gallery with all the pictures. 

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