Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Aviation can be and is a passion, educational, career, fulfillment, and enlightening. My hope is to show people, especially young people, that you can do all these things and make the world a better place. Helping animals and people doesn’t have to be done in a single trip. Be ready and willing and incorporate it into all of the above. Here we met new friends, gained healing and hope, rescued a hound, and saw a natural wonder from a view few ever experience. Just be willing.

This is another one for the Flight Bag department. HoundPilot met a new friend Jodi online when her beautiful rescue dog Ingrid was in failing health. Almost 800 people joined a Facebook group to support this woman and her dog. It became an escape, for us at least, from the events of the world. A group came together to share in a story of love and hope.


When Jodi was ready to share her love with another hound, we couldn’t wait to make it happen for both Jodi and this hound that had beat the odds coming back from health issues and heart worm treated caused by neglect.


After dropping him off with Jodi, we departed for the flight home and made a 5 minute detour to see another awesome sight!


See the Rescue Flight pictures from Jodi/Archie.

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