ABTCR loves our volunteers! What an incredible journey this boy has had getting to ABTCR! He has been at a rural shelter for 221 days, defying all odds that he would ever make it out alive. But the dedicated employees at animal control knew he was too special not to help him get to this moment. And what a moment it was!!

Our boy departed SW Virginia this afternoon with Philip R Allen, Hound Pilot, who made a few extra stops (and flew over +/-900 extra miles ?) on his return from Wisconsin today. Because Philip has such a big heart, ABTCR’s Lando will be meeting his foster mom around 9 pm in PA tonight. Alaina Austin Schwall is heading to the airport as I type!

Everyone reports that Lando is a lover, including Laura Beck who snuck out on the runway to grab some kisses just minutes ago in MD. <WOW> Thank you to everyone for their help making this happen.


For all the pictures see Lando’s Gallery!

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