In these tumultuous times, good exists. Good flourishes. People help each other and a community – many of whom were strangers only months ago – can come together for good.


HoundPilot met our new friend Jodi online when her beautiful rescue dog Ingrid was in failing health. Almost 800 people joined a Facebook group to support this woman and her dog. It became an escape, for us at least, from the events of the world. A group came together to share in a story of love and hope. Ingrid and Jodi brought us all together. Ingrid went over the bridge but the group remained active offering support and love.


When Jodi wanted to rescue a dog that was in a rural Kentucky shelter, she worked with the rescue where she got sweet Ingrid. The dog in KY was healthy enough to be adopted and when she posted this on Facebook last week , people immediately stepped in to help transport Archie. HoundPilot realized that such a long drive, 16 hours each direction, might take its toll on the sweet pup who had not lead an easy life. We stepped in and said we would transport and the people in this group stepped up as well. They offered encouragement, prayers, and support to get Archie to Jodi. Philip and Jerry made that journey on Thursday.


The weather was difficult but surprisingly cooperated and Archie was in his new mamas arms three hours after leaving the shelter. Never again will he sleep on a cement floor. He will curl up on sofas and be loved for the rest of his life. We are honored and grateful to be able to take part in this village coming together to help a hound and a human.


In this journey we have helped ourselves, at least we at HoundPilot have ❤️ ? #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #houndpilot #timbits #hound#adoptdontshop #dowhatyoucan #lovemore #hope @ Buffalo Niagara International Airport


For all the pictures see Archie’s gallery!

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