Zach aka Raven

It’s only good things from here sweet Zach! A manager at a rural shelter saw Zach come in, having lead a pretty rough life; now elderly and needing some TLC. The shelter manager knew he needed help to ever have a chance to get out alive. She contacted American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue who sprang into action and found him a foster home in Maryland. Zach started to learn how to be an inside dog and a forever home was found near the Canadian border. HoundPilot was asked to help transport this sweet guy and it finally happened on cold Sunday with an icy cold front approaching from the NW. Just before the flight HoundPilot determined that icing conditions would prevent him from flying all the way to the boarder; however Zach’s new mom could meet them 1 hour south in Albany, NY (KALB).

With the help of a friend and a nod from the weather gods, they made the trip safely to Albany with a detour on the way home to see the New York skyline. Zach was a wonderful guest briefly in our home, and flew like a champ. His forever mama was so grateful to see her big boy land. It took a village to save this sweet hound.

Raven’s Gallery

There are no throwaway dogs, all deserve love for the rest of their lives.

Run Free Raven, Enjoy your retirement.


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