Some magic happened today for a lucky hound. HoundPilot was sitting at his home desk working through some computer stuff when Deb from American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue contacted us about a dog who needed out of a southern Virginia shelter. The weather was challenging with low clouds and thunderstorms down south moving SW to NE. We went back and forth with Deb after looking at the weather and decided to give it a try, after picking up Fenna and flying NE the weather cleared as we felt it might and all worked out fine.


An amazing family in New Jersey had agreed to foster Fenna, but this sweet puppy needed a ride. Hard pressed with overcrowding and the threat of being put down to clear space, HoundPilot had to help. Within a few hours


HoundPilot and friend Chris were in the air. The amazing shelter volunteers got Fenna ready to fly within an hour and brought her to the airport, then off she went. It’s hard to believe this hound was in southern VA shelter this morning and is resting comfortably tonight, safe and sound!! Huge shootout to everyone who helped to make this happen.

More pictures in Fenna’s Gallery.

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