Elderly Dog and a Puppy

Elderly Dog: Lincoln gallery.

I posted his story earlier. It was the dual transport day necessitated by my work schedule and bad weather moving in over the following days.

The HoundPilot team was happy to help this elderly hound move to his forever home. He was a stray found in southwest Virginia and turned into a shelter. Being heart worm positive and advanced in age his outlook was poor. American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue accepted him into their rescue and he was fostered to better health in Baltimore, Md. When it was time to for him to move to his adopter we jumped at the chance to be a part of this gentleman live out retirement in style. Lincoln is a big gentle bundle of cuddles and love. Enjoy big guy!

Buddy the puppy:

Buddy’s life started as a hunting dog in West Virginia.  We have no idea how he was treated, but he was being trained to hunt bear. On one of his trips into the woods at 4 months old he got hit by a logging truck.  Thankfully he wasn’t left to die on the side of the road, or shot on the spot; instead they took him to a veterinarian to be put down.

A kind vet tech there contacted the rescue AMMAR and asked if they would sponsor this dog. He had pretty severe injuries to his rear leg and it looked like amputation was the only choice.  That is an expensive procedure and certainly one that someone who couldn’t use the dog for hunting anymore was going to pay for.  AMMAR knew the cost was going to be high, but they couldn’t sit by and do nothing. They sponsored the pup and he had the surgery. The vet tech kindly took Buddy in while he recuperated.

We were contacted just before the surgery and asked if we could fly this dog and possibly foster him while he got back on his feet.  We weren’t sure at first because taking on a new dog is a huge responsibility, especially one that might have possibly extensive medical needs. We said yes and nine days after his surgery he was in an airplane with HoundPilot and Chris flying to Westminster, Md.  The doctors in West Virginia did an amazing job and his recovery was almost complete by the time he got to us. He was going up and down the steps within a day and once his stitches were out a few days later, it was hard to tell him apart from any other dog. I often forget that he has only three legs. 

I’m sharing the full story to point out how much small actions can do to save lives. Someone took this dog to the vet rather than letting it suffer on the side of the road. A veterinary office worked their hardest to save his life, a vet tech stepped in to help and then a rescue came in and said we’re in; regardless of the cost we are going to help. 

It truly takes a village and in this case buddy ended up finding his forever home at our house. We can’t keep all the dogs we transport or foster but this little guy just wiggled his way into our hearts. Gallery of Photos. 


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