Holiday Treats!

We have been so busy at HoundPilot but not necessarily able to get content onto the Blog and Web Page, so be sure to look us up on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube where you can stay up to date until I get it on the website.

As we all enjoy the Holidays and share it with our beloved furry family members, remember that the food we enjoy, and that our fur babies beg for, isn’t always what they should eat; it can even be harmful to them. Many websites are available for guidance and surprisingly many people are not aware of some food’s harmful affects. Many websites are available for guidance. When not harmful the change in their diet or introduction of rich foods and spoil their celebration and make our messy!

Also many boxed dog treats aren’t that healthy either. So for fun try this easy recipe. Here at HoundPilot Headquarters we make dozens of batches of these tasty treats and give them away with out Christmas cards. We make a fun family event out of our holiday baking, for skin and fur friends.

Many have requested the recipe so I will post it below with a link. For good measure my son even produced a how to video.

The recipe: see this website.The recipe: see this website.


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