Thanksgiving as Tonks the Dog – Short Story – Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here is a story that I wrote for creative writing club at my school. This month’s theme was holidays! I hope you enjoy!

Thanksgiving as Tonks the Dog

Go time, go time, go time! I’m up! I know this day is going to be special, but I’m not quite sure why. I bound to mamma’s bed, “MAMMA I NEEDS BATHROOM,” but I don’t think she understands me… humans can be a bit slow sometimes. I paw her in the face hoping that she will realize my desperate need to go outside.   

Whatttt Tonks? 5 more minutes,” Mamma says. 

5 more minutes? I need outside NOW! I paw her again, harder this time.  

“Fine Tonks, I’ll get up…” 

Yay! Go time! Go time! Go time! I sprint down the stairs as fast as I can, mamma in tail. She grabs my collar (I hate that thing; it prevents me from showing that neighbor dog who’s really boss) and puts it around my neck. I pull desperately to get to the door, but Mom isn’t ready yet. As soon as she gets her shoes on, I bolt towards the door once again, this time, mamma is ready! As we walk outside, I feel the chilly autumn wind ruffle my fur.  

“Uh oh,” mom says  


“Guess no bathroom break for you Tonks” 

What was that Mamma? (I continue barking anyway, even if I can’t hear what mamma said) Whuff Whuff WOOOOOOooooo. Mamma is dragging me inside, but why? I’m only trying to protect our house from that mean neighbor dog. He’s gonna break in one day and I know it! As the all-powerful protector I must to a bark at him. As we walk inside I realize mamma has been talking to brother. 

Can you help make food for thanksgiving today?” mamma asks. 

“Sure, I can do that!” 

Food? Did they say food? What is a thanksgiving? I have so many questions… I interject with a  


“Tonks, please” mamma says. 

She must have not understood my attempt to get answers to the questions bouncing around in my canine boi skull.  

“Anyway,” mamma states. 

“We need enough food for around 15 people… this is gonna take a while.” 

LOTS OF PEOPLE? FOOD AND PEOPLE? I think I’ll love this thanksgiving thing! Maybe I can convince some of these people to give me some sky morsels. I’m really super good at that.  YAY YAY YAY FOOD! I’m tired now… nap time! 

A few Hours Later… 

I wake up to the smell of something wonderful, could it be… chicken? And Bread? MAMMA WHERES ARE YOUU! Oh… ok you’re right there…  I walk over to mamma setting the table with all the incredible foods. I wish I was human right about now.  

 “Can I has some?” I say. 

But all mamma hears is barks. I paw her leg 


She still ignores me. I shall remember this next time she wants me to do a sits. 

“ding dong” the doorbell rings 

Door? I must do a defense 


Wuff Wuff WOOOOOOOooooo 

 Tonks, shush, it’s ok… 


 Mamma goes anyway, this is a grave mistake. She opens the door and it’s not the neighbor dog, but some hooman that smells really funny. They must not be from here. The door rings again and again as more people file into my stronghold… I don’t like this at all. But I guess it’s ok. These people give me lots of pets and boops. Plus, I got a ton of sky morsels. These people really don’t know how to eat. It’s those stupid metal sticks. If they would just eat like me, they wouldn’t drop anything! Anyway… NAP TIME! 


Written by Vincent Allen


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