Lincoln Transport


The HoundPilot team was happy to help this elderly hound move to his forever home. He was a stray found in southwest Virginia and turned into a shelter. Being heart worm positive and advanced in age his outlook was poor. American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue accepted him into their rescue and he was fostered to better health in Baltimore, Md. When it was time to for him to move to his adopter we jumped at the chance to be a part of this gentleman live out retirement in style. Lincoln is a big gentle bundle of cuddles and love. Enjoy big guy!.

It was a challenging transport. There was a large area of convective weather northeast of our departure but we decided it was worth a try. After careful preflight planning and weather briefing, getting the aircraft databased updated, and loading everyone in the plane we departed late but were able to make this transport work for Lincoln. ATC was outstanding as you can see from the images; they routed us between dangerous thunderstorm cells and a bunch of aircraft were following one another through the gap feeding in from two directions and then funneling into a clear path heading northeast.


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