1st Solo Flight! (July 21st, 2016)


How cool is that, Dream Flight School places a plaque on the wall for each student!

Of course I saw these when I fist arrived at the school and they are a great motivator. I figured mine would show up one day; however, Monday when I went in for my lesson they handed me my plaque and said congrats! I said that I though they put them on the wall and their response was that they do but this one was my copy to take home <SMILE>

Your 1st Solo flight is a huge deal in flying. It’s that first time where your flight instructor deems you competent to take the controls and fly an expensive airplane all by yourself. It says “you got this” and “I believe you have progressed to the point where your likely not to kill yourself landing!” There are specific requirements in the federal regulations regarding skill, training, and demonstrated competence that must be met prior to your solo flight and your flight instructor must put several endorsements in the back of your log book to officially declare that you meet the regulations and are legal to fly solo. HAPPY DAY.

Solo Video

00:00-00:40 Checklists then engine start and door pops open. 

00:40-01:18 Troubleshoot and fix door then flood engine on restart. 

01:19-01:34 CFI shows me the trick. 

01:35-01:45 Finish start-up checklist. 

01:46-02:30 Taxi to run-up area; hear weather PIREP. 

02:31-02:46 Run-up checklists. 

02:47-04:40 Take-off runway 16, exit pattern to practice area. 

04:41-05:00 15 NM flight to practice area. 

05:01-05:16 Clearing turns prior to maneuvers for safety; I notice the pilot reported weather slowly moving my way. 

05:17-07:30 I do a few maneuvers (most not shown) but head back because I don’t like the looks of the inbound weather. 

07:31-08:50 Flight back to KDMW.

08:51-09:30 In pattern for Runway 16. 

09:31-11:25 Base turn through landing Runway 16. 

11:26-17:30 Taking off, around pattern, and landing on Runway 34. I had landed on 16 but the winds shifted and traffic in the pattern called to reverse active runway.

17:31-18:25 Taxi to hangers, shut down checklists.

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