Catch-Up post #3 August 12th, 2016

I scheduled my first flight lesson for three weeks later, after our preplanned vacation to see a good friend serving in the Air Force.

Also by now I have found out the extensive FAA requirements for earning a pilot certificate. Among other things I must:

1)File a student application and obtain a Student Pilot Certificate through the FAA website with my CFI’s input.
2)See an approved medical examiner and obtain an FAA Medical Certificate.
3)Have my CFI complete my TSA stamp and start my Flight Log Book.
4)Take a couple FAA online courses required since I live near Washington DC airspace adjacent to the SFRA Special Flight Rules Area created after the 9/11 terror attacks.
5)Complete an approved knowledge course of study called Ground School.
6)Pass an extensive computerized Knowledge Exam at an approved FAA testing center.
6)Complete my hands-on inflight training specified in the regulation.
7)At the end when my CFI says I’m ready,
I complete an oral exam and check ride with an FAA DPE Designated Pilot Examiner.

In the meantime, as discussed with school earlier, I purchase my online/iPad based Ground School; the required classroom training for all basic pilot certificates. There are many options. I could go to the flight school three days a week for 7 weeks or complete one of dozens of online or at home packages. The choice was simple. With my work schedule a classroom based course was not an option. I figured I could handle the online option since I had done much of my college degree online and in doing so found myself to be disciplined, organized, and self motivated.

With my Ground School loaded into my iPad I’m off…….

(The links I post are for info only, I have no affiliation with them other than that I used this course to complete my Ground School)

The online/ipad Pilot Ground School I used.

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