Catch-Up post #2 August 11th, 2016

Back home with several pages of notes and a few hours searching the Internet under my belt I’ve located two local flight schools and have a list of questions to ask. Taking the advice received during research, I email each school. One is a part 141 school about 40 minutes from my house at a towered Class D airport. The other is 5 minutes away at a smaller non towered regional airport. I emailed both and followed up with a phone call. As it turned out the school further away got back with me quicker and I stopped in one day soon after. 

After speaking with the CFI Certified Flight Instructor, and a 40 minute Discovery Flight where they take you up in the air and let you fly, I signed up without interviewing the other school. The argument went something like this……

Part 141 schools are subject to different requirements for certification and review by the FAA and department of education in part allowing them to accept government tuition programs and if available use certain other training equipment not allowed at non 141 schools. Also being at a towered Class D airport I would be used to working with ATC Air Traffic Control from the beginning. So my journey begins…..

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