Catch-Up post #1 August 10, 2016

I started getting serious about this pilot thing in Feb 2016. I searched the Internet to educate myself on the training requirements and logistics. I quickly felt overwhelmed! If this seems daunting what’s the training going to be like? Sometimes the scariest is the unknown.

It appeared the costs and time required greatly varied depending on the individual’s prior aviation knowledge (see link). Not good…. National averages are 70 flight hours and $9000-$15,000. While I have 4.5 million miles as a passenger I knew surprisingly little about the actual flying part. Not to be deterred I continued my research on training requirements and local flight schools while we were on a winter getaway to Lake Placid, NY.

In the meantime I began reading the Airplane Flying Handbook (…/handbooks_…/aircraft/airplane_handbook/

) on my iPad while taking notes on my iPhone. I would later learn this book would become a staple reference and that the FAA is fond of their Handbooks, Manuals, and Circulars!…/flight-training/…/

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