Welcome to HoundPilot

Welcome to my blog! This blog is the result of a continuing evolution from what was a gofundme page raising money for a wonderful organization, ABTCR (American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue) and a one time cycling event. I had my fundraising page on gofundme and the event page on Facebook. However in the past two years I have been seeking another way to help ABTCR while pursing a desire slowly growing deep inside me since childhood. After much thought I began my journey in April 2016 to becoming a pilot.

That led me to converting my Facebook page titled “Helping Hounds; A Quest for Knighthood.” to a new title “Hounds Fly? Phil’s Journey”. I began posting on this page in June 2016 and posted a bunch of catch up posts to cover the events from April-present. However I have realized there are several issues with using Facebook for this purpose: 1) many people who want to see my page are not on Facebook, 2) people looking for blogs even if on Facebook may not find my page, 3) the Facebook interface and page format that I’m using really isn’t set up for a blog type presentation. Therefore I am moving my page over to a blog server and format. I will attempt to get the site fully set up as soon as possible and move all my past posts over to this new blog.

I will document my journey to becoming a pilot here on this blog by giving weekly updates on my training and posting pictures to keep you in the loop. I am so excited about this and daily look forward to achieving my dream motivated in great part by my desire to help ABTCR and dogs in need.

I chose the name “houndpilot” so that as I progress through the stages of pilot training, which never really ends, I can also use it as a place to share my flying experiences. Especially those flights helping dogs in need.  

In the past Laura and I have transported, fostered, and adopted two coonhounds from ABTCR American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue. We also led a very successful fundraising event. We continue to seek ways to help hounds that fit into our work schedules and daily life. We each have a role and I believe we best serve by using our unique abilities and interests.

[Picture: Just before heading to the airport I pull the current weather, winds, etc and finalize my flight planning.}

Welcome to HoundPilot

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