Saving Hounds and Introducing People to Aviation Through Volunteerism Facilitate, Educate, Change Demonstrate why hounds are great companions and how aviation opens up the world and the good that can be done. Changing Minds about Rescue Dogs We educate people about what it means to foster or adopt a rescued coonhound and help them along the way. Educating People About Hound Rescue













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Rescuing Hounds

Sales of HoundPilot merchandise and donations will be applied towards the our mission – facilitating fosters and hound rescue while introducing people to aviation.


Recent Updates

Discovery Flight

January 10, 2021

Awesome Discovery Flight “That moment of excitement when your kid can barely talk and tells you he’s never felt that lev

Teach them young…..

January 6, 2021

Teach them young to Love. If you model appropriate actions, teach them to love and respect animals, so much will come of


December 30, 2020

Lady home for Christmas This flight came about after I was contacted by Dave from AMAAR Rescue. We have worked together

01  Our Mission

Our mission is to save hounds and introduce people to aviation through volunteerism.

02  Our Vision

We educate about fostering or adopting a rescued coonhound: everyone can help.

03 Our Work

Through our rescue efforts, we show that there’s a lot of good that can be done.